Coconut Oil (100ml) 100% Pure

Coconut Oil (100ml) 100% Pure
Coconut Oil (100ml) 100% Pure

Coconut oil (100ml) is a great addition to all bars of soap due to the incredible lather it produced produces. Furthermore, coconut oil is a wonderful ingredient to use in soap making because of the added hardness it gives to your bar, and when used in moderation, it has great moisturizing abilities.

Coconut oil (100ml) features:

  • Used for moisturising skin and conditioning hair.
  • Fractionated, clear, liquid oil. Saturated fatty acids, close in molecular structure to natural sebum.
  • Helps to keep skin soft and supple without being greasy.
  • Useful for foot rubs, scalp treatment, to condition hair.
  • Add to your soaps with other great smelling oils.

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